Logo Interpretations

Maxcare Logo

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Maxcare Logo

Main color is fresh, natural Green color, which represents our diligently pursuing for healthy life product quality; Harmony between Black Grey represents human-oriented innovative technology relentlessly pursuing for improvement of life quality by technology.


Logo shape is water droplet arranged by "Infinite" symbol which represents our unlimited care starting from small thing like droplet to public health finally to our brconcept "Caring Your Life".


Maxcare BrMascot - Xiaomei Xiaokai

Smart, Young, Beautiful Xiaomei represents modern intellectual female; Purple represent noble, mysterious, romantic; Xiaomei perfectly reflect characteristics of Maxcare brands products.


Handsome, Wise, Vital Xiaokai represent modern successful male; Bright, neat blue color represents comfort, gentleness love of Maxcare products to consumers finally reflects our brspirit.




Company Stamp