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Health is A Responsibility

Some people may think that their health is only their own business because they suffer from their sickness pain by themselves. Long working hours, heavy workload, smoking, drinking......they overdraft their own health but health is really just their "personal" business? In a family, every member plays own important character. If a father loses his health, how can he afford the needs responsibility of his family? If a mother loses her health, how can she take care of her children support her husband?


Outside a family, people will have their career enterprise in society, become the other's partner friend. If you lose your health, How can you fight with your friend partner? How can you take your responsibility workload in your team? Therefore health is the prerequisite of your career enterprise.


Health is not just the one's own business, your private goods to be squandered. One's own health is not only related to personal happiness, but also related to family, team society. Health is a kind of responsibility. Under development of Maxcare brand, we implant this concept into our corporate culture, research, development, production sales distribution. We wish there would be more more people able to improve their health with our sincere caring.


Maxcare is not only a business career, but also a cornerstone for everyone to realize the value of life. Moreover, Maxcare will not only let us take our responsibility more calmly, but also appreciate the passion of people to realize their dream. This is the group mission of Maxcare - "become the best company of family health care products & service" in the world struggle for human health.


Market Positioning: Health Massage for Family

Target Consumer: Sub-Healthy People


Office Staff (Age 25 - 30)

verage Income: $60,000 - $150,000 per year
Official Working Hour: 08:30-12:00; 14:00-16:30
Actual Working Hour: 07:00-22:00
(Rigid Working Time, Unable to be controlled by themselves)
Work Intensity: Regular Overtime, High intensity workload
Health Problem: Lumbar, Vertebra, Shoulder, Neck, Most are short-sighted, over-weighted, with
insomnia, neurasthenia other health problems.
Product Requirement: Head Massage, Eye Massage, Body & Limb Massage
Product Purchased by: Self, Group Buy, Corporate Welfare
Product Usage: Own Use, Partner, Gift for parents.
Consumer Characteristics: Great need for massage products but limited purchasing power - Rational/ Functional Consumption



Upstart (Age 30 - 40)

Average Income: $150,000 - $450,000 per year
Working Hour: Most of time spent on career entertainment, Little leisure time
Work Intensity: Strong anxiety on social position, so constantly push them to work hard.
Health Problem: Face lots of stresses, Always under "Battle" condition, physically mentally exhausted
Product Requirement: Massage Chair/ Sofa, Head Massage, Eye Massage, Body & Limb Massage
Product Purchased by: Themselves
Product Usage: Own Use, Partner, Gift for parents, Gift for Supervisor Boss
Consumer Characteristics: Based on personal need for wellness pursue for life quality moderate
     purchasing power, Compassionate Consumption (Hedonistic/ Functional Consumption)



Successful People (Age 40 - 55)

Average Income: over $450,000 per year

Working Hour: As business owners managers, able to control own working hours independently

Work Intensity: Larger Business, Greater Stresses know how to coordinate work life at the same time.

Health Problem: Most have the experience to "bet health for tomorrow", Having lots of health problem, Often feel "powerless"

Product Requirement: Massage Chair/ Sofa, Head Eye Massage

Product Purchased by: Themselves, Gift from Relatives, Subordinate

Product Usage: Family Use, Gift for parents & younger, Concern of Corporate Staff

Consumer Characteristics: Emphasis on health, environment family life quality. Emphasis on
both family life social life, Strong purchasing power, High Consumer Class Return to



Elder (Age 55+)

Average Income: Pension of $30,000 - $50,000 per year, Support payment from children of $40,000 - $60,000

Life Condition: Retired most of time spent on entertainment leisure

Health Problem: Degradation on overall physical function, increasingly significant symptoms problem from different parts of body, Requires comprehensive care

Product Requirement: Massage Chair, Head Eye Massage, Body Limb Massage

Product Purchased by: Themselves, Gift from children, younger former subordinate

Product Usage: Own use, Partner, Gift for parents & younger

Consumer Characteristics: Require comprehensive care, Emphasis on "Wellness" "Preventive"
products have certain purchasing power.